Custom made wedding dress?

  1. Anyone have this done? I have a gorgous vintage red velvet floor length gown that I'd love to have remade into a wedding dress. It would have to be resized (I bought the dress in high school) and I would use a cream or golden velvet fabric. I've been dress shopping but I really prefer the vintage look. I'd also have to find a great tailor - not sure how to do that - I live in DC though if anyone has any recommendations.
  2. My first wedding dress was definitely custom. I designed the dress, picked out the fabric and my mother (a fantastic seamstress) sewed it for me. She was a real trooper too. The dress had a Victorian look to it so there were small pearl buttons that had to be hand sewn from the back of my neck to my low back and on the sleeves from my wrist to almost my elbows.

    She finally forgave me for the design when she saw the end result. ;)
  3. The dress sounds gorgeous, try asking at a wedding dress boutique if they have any recommendations for a good tailor.

    Good luck :heart:
  4. I plan on having a custom made dress - post pics when the dress is finished, it sounds gorgeous!
  5. Go to a high end fabric store in your area and ask if anyone knows someone who does pattern making and wedding dresses.
    In my experience, those are the ladies that know the good people in the business.
    Good Luck, custom made is the way to go!!