Custom made-to-fit tall boots?

  1. I have been searching a long time for a pair of tall, sexy, black leather boots and nothing seems to fit my calves!!! Recently browsing the internet, I saw a store in the UK called Duo, and they make the boots to fit your calves. Now the boots are not crazy priced and that makes me wonder about how the leather quality, fit, etc.

    Has anyone every heard of this store or bought a pair of boots from this place??? I am not sure if I should just take my chances and order a pair!! :shrugs:
  2. I have the "cadiz" in black leather and I adore them. They are more than worth the price, and mine are very comfortable (well, as comfortable as pointy toed high heels can be!) The leather is a nice quality too. I'm thinking about buying another pair since they have a bunch of new ones out for Fall.

    I reccomend them highly:smile:
  3. That is the exact pair that i wanted!!

    VeeDubGirl: How much did you pay to have them shipped to the US? And how long did they take? I would die to see a picture of them on!!!