Custom Made Handbags

  1. Would you splurge on a custom handbag? What would be your price limit?
  2. Possibly, if they were of the highest quality and could be made to my exact specifications.

    The price limit would presumably depend on the style and the materials used; but I would expect it to cost considerably less than a handmade designer bag of similar quality. :smile:
  3. I'm not sure how much I would spend on a custom made bag. It sounds like a great idea though.
  4. Thank you for your input. Why do you think it should cost less? Is it due to the price of paying for the brand name? (having something made to your exact specifications usually carries a higher price tag than something that is mass produced.) Also, you can have custom bags made by some famous designer brands, such as Goyard.
  5. There are a few designers that I've read about that do this. There is also a specific designer that has a few shops where you go and do this, fun for a group of girls. I have it on my favorites at home, I can't remember now (especially since I am on a business trip). Anyways, you go in, and you choose which style you'd like (they have like 20 to choose from) then you choose out of the many fabrics/ leathers they have. And they put it all together for you. Sounds like fun for a girl's get together afternoon.

    Do you make homemade handbags? :smile:
  6. Yes, I have heard of that.

    No, I don't make homeade bags?

    But, I do love the ones I have custom one else has the same. I like that=)

  7. I know and Hermes! But I thought you were referring to a no name company, sorry.

    The reason that I think it should cost less if it is a no name maker, is that high end designers have very high markups (usually 5 - 10x), due to the fact that they comission the bags to be made and then, often, also sell on to retailers. They also have very high overheads (designers' wages, offices and stores in expensive parts of expensive cities, wages for huge numbers of staff, advertising, shows etc.).

    Of course, a no name custom made bag would (and should) cost considerably more than an off the peg no name bag (due to economies of scale).

    Of course, if Goyard or Hermes were custom making the bag, the sky would be the limit in terms of price and I would pass, as I'm not a great fan of either's designs! :biggrin:
  8. I have seen custom painted handbags. They take handbags and paint it. I can't remember who on eBay did this. She was an artist and I always wanted to buy one from her but her bags go really high for me back then. Her work was beautiful though.

    As for a real custom made bag, I haven't really thought much about it. I like the bags that aren't custom made so far.
  9. Oooh!

    I would love to try this! Where did you get your custom bags made, Alexandra? Judging by your screenname it may be too far away for me, though... :smile:
  10. I've done some custom orders... it all depends on materials used and how long it takes to actually make it.
  11. got my two from Jennifer Marvin, yes, in Paris, but they ship internationally. She is a well kept secret in Paris but works with private clients’ world wide. Her stuff is really top, top, top (gets the leathers from the Hermes tannery and her bags are handmade by a famous atelier in France who also manufacture for Chanel among others). They are impeccable, and the styling is so classy but fun at the same time. I have been stopped on the street, asked in airports...and they are really not astronomical in price...they compare to the price of Chanel. So, basically, you are getting Hermes quality leathers and Chanel craftsmanship, but not an attempt to be like any other bag. I think I am becoming the Jennifer Marvin poster child :yes: ….you should send her a message from her contact sheet, maybe there is a shop in your area which carries her bags?
  12. I see your a bag designer, Luna, do you have a website? Where can I get a look at your bags? Do you have your own line, or work for another label?
  13. Big brands and no name brands often use the very same manufacturers...the little guys just often don't have the same marketing actually costs more to make a one-of-a kind bag than it does to make several big brand-name bags...why? because, the more you produce, the less the factories charge to produce them....when the leathers are hand-picked, the linings are hand-chosen, the patterns are sometimes cut one time, for one-time use.... not to mention finding the right hardware...the right color zipper tapes...even just the right thread...the price, even for a little unknown worth it. You are often getting the same or better quality as some big name designers...with a lower mark up...even if the price is about the same...