custom made dog clothes


Mar 28, 2006
This isn't a post about wanting a flashy dress or anything. :P I am looking for someone who makes pet clothing who would be willing to custom make a onsie-type garment for one of my dogs. He has a birth defect that causes his left front paw to be drawn up. But he still uses it and runs around like the madman puppy he still is. I was not in the least worried about this issue when I adopted him, and the vet has no problems with it. But we've noticed that the fur on one place -- the place that touches the ground when he is running about -- is starting to wear thin. I am afraid that he will develop a sore or something problematic there and have been trying to buy long sleeved sweaters or other clothes for him. I am finding that most clothes either don't have a sleeve or have a short sleeve.

I found a woman on Etsy who says she can customize a garment, but she hasn't answered me. Also, I think there needs to be a patch or a pad on that place so it protects him and the sleeve from wearing through too fast.

What I thought would be a simple mission has turned into a difficult one. Any suggestions?

nori west

formerly north
Jan 1, 2014
I'm glad you found a place that can customize the garment you are looking for. I have always had greyhounds as pets, and there is a very rich community of custom clothing makers there for several reasons (mostly because greyhounds have a somewhat different build, with their deep chests and tucked-in stomach, and a somewhat unique head/neck ratio for collars).