Custom made Chanel alligator

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  1. Hi dolls, i was womdering whats your thoughts on Chanel flap alligator? I was offered to custom made one in Maxi size but the price would be somewhere around Euro 41k. It is very expensive but im loving the flaps so much im just wondering if its worth to custom make one in chanel maxi size. They usually only produce alligator jumbo as the biggest size but to have one in Maxi would be awesome. Is it worth it? I need some good advising from my helpful forumers.

  2. First off all, that you can get one custom made is crazy awesome!!!!! I would totally get an alligator if I could afford it-- I would say that as long as you like the maxi size, do it up! It sounds to me like a once in a lifetime opportunity--- who has offered this crazy thing to you??? Congrats!!!
  3. OMG I saw one in red color last year in Jun-July at the 5th Ave store NY. It was BREATHTAKING! Go for it!! Just make sure that you truly like the size. Good luck. Can't wait to see it.
  4. If you have something in maxi and know you love the size, why not? Go for it. Their 'gator bags are stunning. Will you go matte or regular?
  5. What color / hardware combo would u get? The choices!!! I'm dying to know what you have in mind!

    Go for it!!!!
  6. It's up to you to decide it you think it is worth it but it you do get it, please oh please post a picture here. :smile:
  7. The other thing to consider is weight. These bags weigh more than the usual bags made of lamb or caviar, so you really should make sure with a regular maxi first before making something up that may end up being difficult to manage. For me, the medium size is just right for exotics; a maxi would kill me!
  8. They currently have a shiny red alligator Jumbo at the Avenue Montaigne store (under lights, on display) and it was To Die For!!!!!!
  9. There are many 'gator bags out now in both matte and shiny in jumbo size. All gorgeous.
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    Amazing they allow you to do custom made bag, when I asked them they said chanel doesn't do that. I would totally take advantage of it and go with maxi. I hope you do consider weight of bag and if this is something you truly love then go for it :smile:. so far I haven't seen anyone with alligator maxi yet, if I spot one then I may know it's you :smile:
    Edit: please share what hw? Colors you are choosing. Also don't forget to do a reveal or post a pic once the bag is completed :smile: so excited of ya. :smile:
  11. You must be a VVVIP to be offered a custom-made gator flap. That's my ultimate HG, and will forever remain just a dream lol. :biggrin: GO FOR IT!
  12. Omg babies really? Now im excited. I was offered to come over and check out the swatches. Im def going with matt color shiny would be too loud. But im def thinking of going with the pinks family. Im sucha sucker for pink. Yes oh yes will definily share. Tho i was told it would take at most 10months for it to be ready as they need to "find" an alligator for me. Lol sounds so funny. I feel mean. Im so goad i could share it here with all of you. No one understands fashion more than my lovely tpfers.

    Anyways. Im 6ft tall so i only always go for maxi.
    Def shw
    Def in pink
    And def oh most def going to be matt.

    I will share the process with all you on how the swatches choosing to the pricing goes. Apparently to custom make it would be higher. But i guess since ive always wanted a Maxi alligator them i should def go for it.

    Btw i didnt know that its not really available for just anyone to place an prder for custom made chanels. Thats new. Ive been shopping too much this season they just came and ffered me and i said sure why jnot.

    Will share with all of you soon! I love everyone here. We support each others materialism its soo fun! My frens would go cray knowing id spend that much on bag. But i guess its like buying 15 new classic flaps to get one alligator so why not right!

    Muah babies!
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    OMG Matt gold and pink gator Wow just wow. Those two combinations would make my HG bag. You are one lucky gal :smile: no worries we will wait 10 months for this reveal. After all I'm assuming they have to find the right gator for right pink shade dye :smile:. Which shade of pink are you thinking of? Ahhhh I can just imagine how awesome this bag gonna look. :smile: enjoy each and every detail of this Chanel process!

    Ps: by the way, it doesn't matter 15 flaps or one flap as long as you have excess funds to feed the need :smile: & one special bag makes your heart sing. Only TPFers understand this desire :smile:
  14. Awwww thanks hun! Yes will def post pcs soon ok. Im not sure what shade just yet. But def barbie-pink hehe thank you for the support!!
  15. May I entice you with some pinks for your consideration? Heh.:graucho::graucho::graucho:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396624937.928119.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396624949.201542.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396624964.716701.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396624978.465391.jpg