Custom made bags

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  1. I Love the classic design of the BV boho, and love the colorful leathers that Hermes offer. But having a hard time to find the right combination of the two. Any Ideas?
  2. Come on over to the Ignes subforum.
    I think the Ignes Ormala has your name on it.
    Just go to and you can choose what color leather- a fabric or suede lining, gold tone or silver tone hardware.. they have the #1 best customer service.
    This is a picture of a mini ormala in purple ostrich.

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  3. Thanks for the site! But I Couldn't find the right style that I want. However it inspired me to get it custom made! ;)
  4. FInd an artisan. I don't know where you are situated, but thre are many out there.
  5. belen echandia offers bespoke service on all their bags (you can pick color, hardware, lining) and sometimes even make small changes to the style of the bag.. There are lots of colorful leathers coming out for spring! (turquoise, pink, burnt orange, yellow, cobalt, etc.)
    check out the tPF BE subforum for more details/info
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    Probably OT but I just saw some in Dillards yesterday that have yummy (like Rose Shocking and Vert Anis!) colors and leathers (that looked like clemence and togo) that really reminded me of Hermes - though the styles were COMPLETELY different. Trying to remember the was a popular female designer. Ugh! Getting old sucks!
  7. Crap, they're not on the website.

    BUT I did find them on Amazon - Anne Klein. Apparently they are new? Or at least the colors are...they really pop!
  8. I second the Belen Echandia suggestion. The bags get really soft and slouchy after a while. And while they retain classic lines, they are not very common.