Custom Made bags

  1. Does anybody know if Mulberry custom make bags. If so how does one go about doing this?
  2. Yes they do. I suggest contacting customer services. The details are on the website.
  3. Many thanks Sarajane. I have just emailed customer services and will await their response. Do you know how one can go about getting an item authenticated by Mulberry. I foolishly bought a purse off eBay about two weeks ago. The seller did not have a receipt but convinced me it was genuine but after receiving it I have my doubts. I have emailed her back but she insists it is genuine and said if I thought otherwise I should get a letter from Mulberry stating it is not.

  4. Sorry to hear about the purse. Maybe Jazzy might be able to reassure you.
  5. Post it here or get to your local mulberry and ask them very nicely if they would take a look at it?
  6. And btw regarding the custom made bags - they're about 20% more expensive than the regular ones, just so you have an idea. Not too bad for a custom made bag! :tup:
  7. Oh sounds lovely your own custom made bag. What style & colour would you choose ? I wonder how many options you get. Has anyone used this service ?
  8. I think you can choose from the classic models but then in almost any colour and leather :drool:
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to have other things than bags (i.e agendas etceteras) custom made by Mulberry?