Custom made bags...

  1. Ok out of curiousity does anyone have any idea where to get custom made leather bags? I mean start to finish custom?
  2. I found a website from self magazine where you can design your own handbags dont know if you can choose leather though. but you get to choose the color/patterns of every part of the handbag.. so probably no help. sorry.. oo found it, was in my fitness magazine.. haha
  3. I wish!
  4. One thought, you could try

    Their bag builder by default offers fabric choices with your choice of leather trim for their 7-8 styles, but you can contact them directly for all-leather versions, and I think they have more leather colors than shown. Ive ordered from them numerous times and they are fantastic. I probably own 10 freddy and ma bags. The best part is the bags are made in the USA. The leather they use is just gourgeous, top quality.
  5. Thanks all! I will check them both out!
  6. I checked out the websites too...not too fond of the fabric patterns though...
  7. I like those Freddy & Ma bags. Viba, could you post some pics, esp. of the leather ones?
  8. Totally....Ill put up more tomorrow for you if you want...check back.
  9. Heres a red/pink tote paisley with brown leather I own. They are generous sized bags. The bowler is the best style.

    Theres an all-leather bag available on their sample sale website...theire sample sales are very good deals, compared to full custom price if thats not what you need. This is the pouch style.
  10. oo the paisley is cute! :love: I need to start saving my pennies :shame: