Custom LVs...

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  1. I saw someone on here posted a pic of their custom LV with a purple lining...

    I have some questions.

    1. I know you can't order anything in multicolor - but can you order a multicolor style done in monogram/damier? (Like an Aurelia in Monogram, for example).

    2. What are the choices for lining color?

    3. How do you go about this? Waltz into LV and declare...
    "I would like to order a custom!" ? :graucho:

  2. 1. Unfortunately, no. Mostly just damier and mono styles
    2. I have no clue- never heard of this being done before
    3. If you have an SA, you can ask them to submit a request for an SO. If not, I'd go an LV boutique and ask for the manager.
  3. yup! if one store turn you down, it won't hurt to try at another store, what do you have in mind?
  4. So the customization is basically having a monogram style done in damier... or a damier style done in monogram... and the lining... what else can you do, I wonder? :smile:
  5. I'm really not sure... but seeing that other person's bag with the purple lining made me curious as to if it would ever be possible to have some pink lining on a mono bag. (Pink is my favorite color...) Nothing REALLY set in stone in my mind... just wondering what the possibilities are.
  6. Purple lining? Which bag was it?
  7. It's in the Clubhouse... Special Order Club... Page 2.
    It's an EPI bag... just went back to check. I forgot EPI customizations!
    Here's the pic... it's Sofibella's (sp?)

  8. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM... that purple interior looks AMAZING on black Epi!!! :drool:
  9. Most stores must have books about this with all the interior materials and all the exterior materials.
    There are more options beside damier or monogram, but not EVERYTHING is possible.
    It's best for you to ask when you are visiting your store, get an Sa that you know well!
  10. Interesting info...
  11. I didn't even know custom LVs existed :biggrin:
  12. ooohhh good to know the next tiem I want to kill hubby
  13. i think vernis, since there were SO vernis buckets and such.
  14. :wtf: That looks soooo good! Love the purple contrast with the black.