Custom Longchamp!

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  1. I know a few tpf-ers have gotten custom Longchamp bags.

    -how long did it take for it to come to your door after ordering?
    -do they update your order status that they're working on it or shipping it?
    -what did you get?
    -pics?? :biggrin:
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  2. I got mine a long time - 8 years - ago, back then there was no status update available and it took about 4 weeks to get the bag. I got a chocolate brown M size w/ short handles, it has a beige stripe down the middle and my name embroidered on it. It's still gorgeous! I also think it's even better quality than the bags that are sold in stores. I don't know if it's true or not, but that is how I feel.

    Can't supply pics right now, but I'll try and get some on here asap...I do recommend getting a personalized bag, the feeling is so totally different (and SO much better & satisfying) than getting a bag off the store shelf. It's totally yours, exactly the way you like it and you know, from the off, that you won't be getting rid of it EVER. I'm planning to use mine until it breaks down - and it's showing no signs yet! :smile:

  3. That sounds so cute!

    Did they ever offer Le pliage nylon custom orders in the store? I know you can order your cuir in store.
  4. I ordered mine online, since there was no talk of such service in this forgotten corner of the world. :biggrin: I don't know if the local store offers the same service with the Cuir, but then again I have been avoiding the whole department store for a month or two...always get so expensive when I walk in the door. :lol:
    Might have to check up on that though.
  5. Lol! I try to avoid the boutique because I'll just see the pretty colors and want them all.

    They had leather and lining swatches along with a booklet at one of the counters at the boutique. So I guess you should be able to order a custom cuir at the boutique. It's similar to the canvas-paint swatches for mon monogram LV.
  6. I just received mine today! (I got personalized le pliage bag, pouch and coin purse) I received them pretty fast, it took less than 2 weeks (predicted to be 3 weeks and I ordered on 20th march)! For your information I'm in Singapore and I ordered once before 3 years ago and that time it took exactly 4 weeks which was the predicted time as well. UPS updates really quickly so you can track your package really well. Hope this helps:smile:
  7. Thanks! I'm eagerly awaiting mine. Good to know it shouldn't take too long!
  8. So in my experience,

    It took about 2 weeks from order/payment clearing to ship notice.

    Then shipping is UPS 3 day.

    Online on your Longchamp account it will just say "order pending" until it has "shipped". That is the only thing they do online.

    Hope this helps!

    Also was surprised it's MIF.

    Simple gift wrap, just like the bag.
    My color choices were lagoon, navy, bronze hardware. This is a size 2 with long handles. :smile:
    Inside: LV toiletry pouch 26, LV ZCP, Coach medium skinny, Longchamp toiletry pouch

    The pocket is attached to the back, and is the length of an iPhone 5. Much better than the standard Le Pliage pocket!
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  10. Very nice! I like the pocket. What size is it? Did you order the pouch at the same time? If you did, did they charge separate shipping?
  11. I already commented in another thread, but have to comment again! I really like the pocket style in the custom bags, and I love the color combination you picked - looks great with the bronze hardware. It's official - I'm putting a custom Le Pliage on my birthday/Christmas list...I'm thinking beige and black (boring, I know, but will go with everything!).

  12. It's a size 2, similar to my medium one.

    The pouch I got during bloomies f&f.

    I don't think they'd charge you separate shipping. If they did, it would say before you complete the transaction. I was charged 8$ for international shipping I think.

  13. If it goes with everything, why not? I chose navy and lagoon bc it goes with what I have! I'm always wearing shades of blue, even my glasses are Tiffany, which match the bag!

    In comparison to the gold hardware on the pouch, bronze is better coordinated with this combo. :smile:
  14. Gorgeous! Love the color combo. I just made a bid on a large tote on eBay, but if I don't win (as in, if the price goes ridiculously high) I'll probably be placing an order for a custom LP in Navy, pink stripe, nickel hardware and a navy embroidery. To be honest, with the way people's new LP's are looking, I'm starting to hope I lose... :giggles:

  15. Good luck with whichever LP you get! I feel they're so easy to store, you could have two. Lol

    Your combo sounds pretty!! Do share if you get it!!