Custom Jewelry.

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I need a little help. My dilemma is stemming from a previous post I made about Keyshia Cole's ring.

    And it was later suggested that I go to a jeweler to have it made. Now here's my problem - I have absolutely no clue how to go about this...what questions to ask, etc. I've trying taking my dilemma to the internet and i've turned up with 0 (maybe i'm not searching the right things...i dunno). Can anyone point me in the right direction pleaseeeeee?:Push:

    If it helps, I'm in the DC area so if anyone know any jewelers in the area that would be beautiful :tup: Thanks in advance :love:
  2. Hello, pursefiend, when I wanted a custom mount for my stone, I went to my own jeweler who sent my ideas to his designer who was actually out of state. My jeweler has used this gentleman for years....he executed a computerized image of what I wanted, then a wax model then the actual piece.

    What you need, to begin with, I feel, is a good relationship with a dedicated jeweler.....
  3. so i was told not to do a mainstream jeweler like kay and zales. But to find one of those mom and pop places? the frustrating part is knowing where to look grrr :Push:
  4. Try pricescope for suggestions. I think Whiteflash is a place many people use for custom jewelry, although I haven't used them personally. Not sure who I'd go to in the DC area, maybe Tiny Jewel Box? Although I have a feeling they might be overpriced (even though I love what I've gotten there) and I'm not sure they do custom work.
  5. sheesh. this is hard. :sweatdrop: