custom gucci

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  1. my boyfriend is obsessed with cars. and im obsessed with gucci. n thankfully he has the same obsession as me.. so he wants to change the interior of his car to the gucci canvas. and he knows its possible to purchase the canvas FROM gucci to custom his car. anyone have any idea about this? he says its possible because someone he knows has customed the interior of his car. n let me tell you. it is EXTRMELY nice. and i would LOVE to drive a car like that. and so would my boyfriend.. so just wondering if anyone could help me?
  2. i'm not sure where my bf got his from, but he customized a pair of his sneakers AND his jacket (the inside hood part, the ties, all the zippers, and other small fabric areas) with the mono fabric. i'm sure the car will look extremely gorgeous--post pix! Sorry I'm no help..but good luck, sounds like a great idea!
  3. Try calling up the number on
  4. Available here:

    However I don't think this fabric is produced by Gucci... But I think it may be stronger? Since its designed for car seats... My everyday abbey shoulder bag (bought from a Gucci boutique) is already starting to fray after 4 1/2 months of use!

    Good luck! It's a great idea! :smile:
  5. Not possible - Neither Gucci or LV sell bolts of their canvas for cars.
  6. true. Gucci did something similar for one of P Diddy's cars, but that was a special case because he is a celebrity.
  7. The Gucci canvas is not designed for extreme rubbing. I.e. if someone is using it as car interior trim is will show wear within no time. Bad idea in my opinion.
  8. ohh really.. i dont know.. becasue his friend has a car that has sponsers. and he had connections with someone in the industry and he said that he got it from gucci so im not sure : ) im gonna look it up.. thankss : )
  9. i know waht you meann~ the corners of my gucci bag are all werid noww : ( i think it will look nice thooo!