Custom fees to USA???

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  1. This may sound like a dumb question, but I just bought a beautiful bag from someone who lives in Singapore. They were kind enough to ask me what I want them to put as the value on the customs form.

    You know, I don't think that I have ever had to pay any custom fees for packages that I have received from other countries. Is that right? Do US citizens pay custom fees for packages received from other countries?
  2. Yes, US citizens do. I paid fees for a bag from the UK. My friend paid fees for a bag coming from Canada.
  3. I believe under 400 is okay, over that you can get hit with duty. I got hit on a package from Canada a few yrs back, not bag related...
    Ask you seller to declare no more than 400.
    I have rec'd bags from Europe and Asia and not been hit yet, knock on wood!
  4. Yes, and unfortunately, the fees can be quite high. I stay away from any transactions outside of the USA for this reason (even with folks in Canada). It's hit or miss whether they slap you with fees.
  5. I agree... I have not yet ever been charged, but ALL of my overseas shipments have come either USPS or DHL. I have HEARD others say that the risk for paying customs into US is higher w/ Fed-Ex & UPS, but I have no clue if that is really true or even matters.
    The risk is IF the bag is underinsured in order to declare a lower value to avoid customs and the bag is LOST in transit, someone is going to be out some $$.
  6. Ask the seller to NOT SHIP WITH FEDEX. It is guaranteed you will be hit with fees.

    If she ships, and the bag arrives to you via USPS, you probably won't have to pay fees. I'm not sure what service that one would have to use in Singapore that ends up being delivered via USPS. I have had several bags shipped from Singapore, delivered on my end via USPS, and no custom fees were imposed. I didn't ask the seller to mark in any certain way.

    Good luck!
  7. yup i just got hit with a 15% customs fee + $20 customs processing fee for my new bag from miu miu bh. They used Fedex and Im in Australia :nogood:
    oh well, they are pretty quick though.. and my new bag is arriving this afternoon!! :smile:
  8. *bump*

    sorry if I'm not reading these correctly. If I purchase something from out of the country, such as Australia, Thailand, etcc. I (living in the US will get charged custom fees)? I know I talked to my aunt and she says they charged tariff or something like that. Is that the same as custom fees? What's the appropriate amount for the seller to put down. I really don't want to pay sky rocket high fees, especially when the handbag itself is expensive.

  9. sorry I need advise asap. I would like to purchase something out of the country that's rather expensive but I don't want to get charge with outragous fees.
  10. You absolutely can be charged a "customs duty" by the US government for a purchase outside the US Whether you will be charged is another question. It's hit or miss. As a lot of people have already said, Fedex seems to be one way of guaranteeing you'll have to pay a customs charge.
  11. Tariffs, duties, customs...all the same thing. Depending on the country, sometimes taxes get thrown in as well. The rules surrounding the application of these fees vary from country to country and are not usually straightforward. Even within a country they are often not applied uniformly so, there is no simple answer to your question and no guarantee that you will not be charged fees on an international purchase. There are lots of threads on the impacts and ethics of lowering the declared value. The only thing that seems to have a grain of concensus on international shipments is that the best shipper to use is the local post office.
  12. Thanks =]