Custom fees & taxes for Canadians

  1. Does anyone know how the system works for Canadians recieving/buying goods from the U.S.?

    Say is it for every 1000 you pay X amount of taxes and customs fees?

    Thank-you!!!! :heart:
  2. No, you can't convert like that. Most things will be charged a handling fee from Canada Post (extra brokerage and COD fee if you use FedEx or UPS). After that, everything will have PST and GST added.

    Whether or not your item has duty, depends on what it is - you need to check with customs whether your item is a dutiable thing. For example, I've had to pay duty on flatware before, but not for toys. Duty is above and beyond the PST/GST., and the percent varies.

    Again, depending on the item, it may have an "excise tax" if it's considered luxury. Jewelry and watches usually fall under that category. I believe it's around 12% extra for the excise tax - Customs recently converted to a flat rate for excise.

  3. I know in the US..its something like 3 % for goods over 1000...
  4. HAHA, you are our new official expert on all things customs, aren't you?:P
  5. ^SHUDDER!!!!!!***

    Yes..I can tell you all about WHAT NOT to do when entering US customs and how HIGH the fines are there..ROFL...Still having little nightmare about those guys..hee.hee
  6. you pay what would be equal to pst and gst on those items. Regardless of what you have marked on the package. Whether its a gift or not.
    It all depends on whether customs is lazy and just passes things through. I've been charged duty on a package marked at 28$ makeup and two days later the same package came again and was charged nothing.
    I've had lv bags for 500$ come through with no charge and i've been charged 40$ on a bag marked for 200$
  7. Ah..thank you ladies for your reply..

    Yes I've paid 40 for many items (some were 100, some 200?)

    But this item I am thinking about it about 3000 so I'm hoping its 13% and not 20% because I don't want a heart attack...

    So regardless of what amount I have the item insured for... a matter of when the customs feels like taxing???
  8. A$$ume the worst!
    if you only end up paying 13% you'll be happy. with customs you never know until they get their hands on it.
  9. i know bag,
    I would be so happy to pay 13 because thats the standard..
    but I'm so fearful of having to pay ridicious prices because its not really fair either!!!