Custom duties question

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  1. Hi everyone. I have never purchased anything from another country on Ebay. I was wondering how much I would have to pay in customs for a purse. Thanks!
  2. Which country are you from? You should look up your national customs and revenues agency website. All the information will be there.

    There is not much consistency in customs rates in Canada, I noticed, for things of similar price. It just all depends.
    It's very difficult to predict these types of things, unless you are the one working in that field, so search up as much info as you can~!

  3. It depends on many things such as how much the item costs and if it's insured, who's the shipper and such.
  4. It totally depends on your location and shipping method. I shipped $500 boots to the US (from Canada) using regular post - and they didn't charge anything extra.
    But when I shipped a $100 bag to Norway she asked me to say it was only worth $40 so she wouldn't get charged anything.

    But if it's shipped UPS - watch out! :wtf:
  5. This all depends on whether the package is "caught" by customs and further in what sort of mood the custom officer is in :lol:
    I know it sounds terrible but it is the truth and this was even told to me by one of them. I live in the Caribbean and use to ship my items via FedEx as i use to get a discount and I sold one of my Chanel sunglasses. I always put the correct amount of the item b/c if it gets lost and you put $40 bucks when the item is in fact worth $200 then your scr*wed as far as insurance is concerned. Anyways, I put what I sold the Chanels for and the lady got charge $25 by customs. She was very upset as she thought that it was FedEx charges but it was not....they were custom charges which unfortunately there was nothing I could have done about.

    So all in all it's a gamble. Some instances you are not charged and then in others you are. Oh...i also heard that if you declare it as "gift" then the person doesn't have to pay duties on it...then again this depends on your state.
  6. Thanks everybody for your help! I just bought a Cerises Speedy from Germany so let's keep our fingers crossed that I won't have to pay much in taxes...:smile: I live in the U.S., Illinois to be exact.
  7. i just bought something from ebay too i hope i don't have to pay much/any taxes!
  8. iono but if something is bought SECOND HAND, it should NOT be taxed, because double-taxing is illegal. Also, I'm not sure of the following but things marked under "gifts" should not be taxed either.