Custom Duties from France to USA?

  1. Hi Divas!

    Has anyone living in the US ever anything shipped from France?
    Do you remember what type of customs % you did or did not pay?

    I have been googling for hours and just get 1500 page pdf files on tariffs and duties :cursing:
    which I try to skim through, but have gotten nowhere, nada :crybaby:

    TIA :heart:
  2. I'll know in a week :/
  3. :roflmfao: Now that is funny!

    What did you buy?
  4. I read on our Royal Mail site (I think) that you can contact the Embassy involved and they will tell you. Worth a try? :shrugs:
  5. Ok, blonde moment.

    USA Embassy in France?
  6. It's not France's problem but US Customs; if anyone should be contacted, it would be your local Customs office.

    To answer your question, it does not matter on the origin of the shipment. From previous posts by tPFers, import duty and taxes is typically around 10%.
  7. Thank you :yes:
  8. Hate to burst bubbles but there appears to be no set amount. The least I have heard of is 10% the most about 30-40%. I no longer do it for that reason
  9. OUCH - 40% would be a killer. :push:

    I went ahead and bought and paid (based on 10% estimate), so I suppose I'll know in a week or so :sad:

    Something else to add to my learning curve. :shrugs:
  10. I don't understand this... I live in the US and I've never been asked to pay anything on packages from abroad (Europe, Asia, Israel etc...)

    Is it added to the shipping cost or something?

    I've only paid customs/duties to the mail carrier or postal clerk when living in Europe for packages from the US.:shrugs: