Custom DBTY bracelet

  1. OMG...that came out gorgeous!
    Definitely the way to go................
    This would go with a TB or 1/2 eterity beautifully!!!
  2. Gorgeous bracelet!
  3. Wow, it came out really nice and those stones do look huge. I have a 3 stone ring too. I don't think I'd change it now but if I ever do this is the way to go. Smart move with the bezel's I think they make the stones really pop.
  4. looks amazing!!! the stones look double the size as a dbty!
  5. lovely!!
  6. What an amazing remake!! Love the size of your the 3 stone as DBTY stones. Looks great on you!
  7. Thanks etk123! I am a big admirer of your ering and eternity band. It turns out very nice and yes the stones look much bigger on the bracelet. It's handwire so it has more exposal of culet.

    Thank you for nice compliment. I love it and it is nice pair w/ me ring and danty eternity band. I

    Thanks! was really surpise how they seem to be much larger.

    Yes... it's very nice and you should definitely get it after your LOVE bracelet. Eisiene wears hers w/ LOVE and it looks fabulous. We have the same wrist size measurement :happydance:
  8. Oh Skyqueen, my DH might have a heart attach if I mention TB. I am happy on how it came out. My jeweler did a fab job. He did my ering and this bracelet. I did ask for full eternity band u-prongs quote.

    Yes the stones look big. My initial thought was finding another .45ct to set in bracelete and then that .55ct to make the necklace. Since, I don't know when I could find so I decided to go ahead w/ bracelet for now. My of my wishlist is .50-.75ct for a single dbty necklace. If you got tired of your 3-stones, you can remake to something new and wearable.

  9. Thanks Candice! Only now that i should get LOVE and VCA motif to go w/ this bracelet, right? :graucho:

    Thanks Flower!

    Thank you panda. It turns out out very nice and I am very happy. I hope that I will not get bored anytime soon.
  10. WOW! Congrats!! Beautiful! You went for a thik chain! Better for youurs. Your diamonds are much bigger than mine! My chain is really dainty (my diamonds are around 0.4). Love your e-ring, too!:love:
  11. of course :graucho: in due due time :lol:
  12. Love the new bracelet, and beautiful ering!! Where is the setting from?
  13. Thanks Einseine! I went for a little thicker chain of 1.75mm because I had fear of breaking and loosing. I am very oblivious and not very gentle person so I want to feel a litle secure.

    How thick is your chain?

    My bezel is also slightly different.. culet is expose more.

    I did not mind on pinching on skin but flipping is something that I need to get used to.
  14. Yes... indeed!;)
  15. Thank you kissmark! My setting is nonbrand. I had my custom made at the local jeweler who is the same person who made my bracelet.