Custom DAMIER Footstool

  1. Wow... :roflmfao: If I buy it, I wouldn't put my feet on it.
  2. wow, thats pretty neat, but ddo you think theyre made of authentic material? thatd be pretty cool i guess. :yes:
  3. There is no way its made of authentic material. First of all...her price is WAY to low. There would be no way to know either way. If you like it get it. But please dont buy thinking its real. Her materials for the base had to cost at least $ her time to put it together.
    Good luck!
  4. ^ i agree and did you see how cheap the MC stool looked? though the marterial she bought was pretty on par with the lv, shocking how good fake are these days
  5. MC material is pretty new. Why would someone cut up a large bag (and it would have to be VERY LARGE) to make a footstool. Its mass produced material. Its crap and laughable! Dont buy it! Its just a fake purse for your feet!! Ahhhhh
  6. From auction: " I happened upon a rare opportunity to purchase leftover remnants from a auto upholsterer that specializes in interior customizing for
    Celebrities and Professional Athletes."

    Ha Ha last time I checked LV didnt sell material by the BOLT!
  7. Maybe it was leftover after they finished re-upholstering this car:lol: :
  8. :rant: Those stools have been on ebay forever!! :rant:
  9. They have been.
  10. Ewwhh!
  11. that car - nasty!
  12. It's a pretty neat idea though, although I'm not sure how I feel about LV furniature !
  13. No offense to anyone who likes it but that thing is tacky looking :yucky: .
    The one she created using the MC fabric looks absolutely ridiculous:roflmfao: .
  14. LMAO!!!

    And I am DEAD at that Phooey Baton Chevy!