Custom Coach Earrings!

  1. They're so pretty! The last of my birthday gifts, just got them today. What do you guys think? I thought they'd be bigger, I'm glad they're not. They're pink and dainty and even my DH likes them!

    At first I had qualms about paying someone for them but they were $20 with shipping and all included-- it would have cost me more to do it myself! (I know there was a thread on this earlier and we discussed it)

    They are beautiful! My manager at Coach loves them and wants a pair. Anyway, see below! :love:
    earrings.jpg earring2.jpg earring1.jpg Sarah1web.jpg
  2. Those are SOOOOO CUTE, Pretty, Classy!! LOVE THEM!!!
  3. they're cute...makes me wonder what i did with my breast cancer fob...
  4. ^^How many of these were on the breast cancer fob? I never even saw it.
  5. I saw a necklace made from one of those on eBay the other night. Those earrings look great on you. :smile:
  6. I remember seeing those on eBay. Cute! Did you get the matching custom cell phone lanyard to go with??? hehe!
  7. I think there were 7 on the keyfob. They still had in wrentham outlet a few weeks ago.. $58
  8. They look so pretty on you!
  9. yeah, i think it was seven. they're at the outlets, but still full price.
  10. They're so cute!!!!!
  11. They look great!
  12. they are really cute. plus its great that they were done with the breast cancer fob, that way whenever you wear them you supporting a good cause
  13. I know some people were saying it's illegal to turn keyfobs into jewelry. But I think these are awesome because the woman who made them paid Coach for the keyfob and the money went to breast cancer research :smile: Great point Cindy! Thanks for mentioning it!
  14. Those are adorable!!! They look really cute on you! :yes:
  15. love the cause. love the pink. love the keychain. LOVE the earrings!