custom clothing?

  1. i'm looking for a dressmaker or something to custom make some clothing for me. do you guys have any suggestions on what to look for and how to look for good dressmakers? are good tailors usually able to do something like that? thanks!
  2. the best i've had were old school hong kong or italian tailors and seamstresses. if you're in nyc, i can give you some names.
  3. aww darn i'm in california :sad: i figured it would be alot easier to find good seamstresses/tailors in nyc..
  4. I'm a designer (handbags and clothing) specializing in made to measure garments in Paris. I work with a atelier in NY, and produce things here for a fashion label in, I work quite internationally. Please let me know if I can be of help.:yes:
  5. I've been going to the tailor at Nordstrom Rack in Seattle. This guy is awesome! I've had close to 20 pairs of pants tailored (only about 6 were purchased from them, the rest I already own), and not just hemmed but also the seat (butt area) and waist taken in. He asked me how short I want it, showing me the differences between each length (touching the floor, 1" off the floor, and 2" off the floor). Then talked me thru how he'll take the waist and seat in. He also only started with 3 pairs and I came in to try them on first to make sure I was happy with them. Then moved on to finish up the rest. I couldn't have been any happier! I recently lost weight and my pants were just too big and ugly to fit in until I found him. Of course it came with a hefty price but well worth it.