Custom charges from Australia to US?

  1. I am thinking of purchasing from a seller in Australia which I have never done before. Just curious if custom charges will be huge?
  2. anyone?
  3. No idea, but why would it be different to buying from any other country? Or maybe you've never bought internationally before?

    I have no idea what taxes are like in the US. If it's the other way around, I might be able to help. OK this is a useless post. :yes:
  4. I have never purchased internationally before so I was not sure what customs would be. Seller just stated she will mark package as "gift", would that work?
  5. I don't think so. After a certain amount, you *might* still have to pay tax. Gift or no gift. I say *might* because sometimes you can be lucky and it goes through custom with no tax.
  6. You don't have to pay tax at all, it's standard shipping rates, about $20AU or so.
  7. There will be custom fees if the value is too high. You can always ask the seller to lie about the value of the item...