Custom Bv's?

  1. Has anyone ever heard of BV, doing customized handbags? A friend of mine has a Nappa Umbria Messenger Bag, I think the color is "Noce" or "Camel". He said it was custom, and that this particular bag doesn't come in that color. Can someone verify this.
  2. What kind/shape of messenger bag? Can you post a pic. Noce is one of BV's standard/classic color, so a lot of bags come in this color. But you could special order a bag with any material/color for at least 30% price markup.
  3. this is not his actual bag, but this is the style
    that's so funny, i thought he was just bragging.
    nappa umbria messenger -noce.jpg
  4. This bag was made in Noce. So, no, it would not be special order.
  5. But probably he had it made after the stock in the boutiques were sold out. Then you can go and have models from previous seasons made for you.

    FYI: BV doesn`t take any special orders till early 2008 due to some changements in the workshops.