Custom Avatars?

  1. Where do some of you make your cute custom avatars that seem to be holding Coach purses? I wanna make one for myself!:yes:
  2. I always wondered the same thing (especially about the letter charms). Where can I find them?
  3. For the ones that are carrying the purses and with the backgrounds goto and you can make one and transfer the code over!

    For the letters ( I got inspired by this post to make one..hehe) You can get the drilldown codes from eBay by typing in the letter charm you want and finding it one here:

    Then you pretty much make it in an editing least that's how I did it!

    good luck
  4. Some I recognize from Yahoo where you can make a custom avatar.
  5. Ah, so that's how to do them, thank you ladies! I'll spiffy up my profile this week so it won't look so bland. :cutesy:
  6. Omg, I just realized you can go to the charms on the Coach site, click enlarge pic, right-click to save and then edit them like you said. Duh! Lol.
  7. Hey I'm registering now for, it says that if I enter my friend's username (who referred me) they will get 500 coinz. Do you want me to enter your username if you have one so you can get the coinz? :idea:
  8. \\

    I don't even remember my username haha..thanks though that was nice of you to think of it!:yes:
  9. Okaties. I shall proceed with my new avatar creation...:okay:Thanks for showing me where the site is!
  10. Moving to correct area......