Custom Avatar!

  1. Today I was just noticing how nice some of the customs avatar are. Jane who has the Orange Tabby Cat is really adorable! It's just one of my favorites:smile:
  2. Thank you!! That's my big boy, Simon, posing with my LV wallet :flowers:
  3. Yes you avatar is very cute! There are some wonderful ones here on TPF!
  4. i really wish i had a digital camera so everyone could see my Booey Kitty! he's SO cute! i got my avatar by searching for coach icons... :yes:
  5. I just photoshoped mine! :smile:
  6. LOL... I'm trying to come up with a better avatar right now... I keep wanting to put a pic of me in there, but that's soooo scary!! :wtf: Cuz then everyone knows what you look like!! :graucho:

    Yes, very cute kitty in your avatar, jane!! I wish I could get mine to pose with one of my bags... they aren't very cooperative.
  7. I dont look like my pic much, got my hair cut, all layered and face framed now.
  8. i know. hehe. it's such a cute tabby :love:

  9. Zoey is adorable, a real cutie!
  10. Aww:love: thanks!!!
  11. I'm not worried about my pic..I'm kinda incognito under my Coach crusher!

    I do like the different avatars, too!

    ms-whitney has the shades & attitude going! LOVE it! :supacool:

  12. ms whitney ms whitney, you definately have a HOT avatar. total glam diva!

    yay coach reps lol
  13. awww i love yellow tabbys (my fav cat ever after seeing the movie the 3 lives of thomasina and milo and otis)
  14. omg @ milo and otis....

    i watched that religously forEVER as a child!

    my lil brother and i, them were the days. i wish i had a pic of my kitty i'd totaly put him as my avatar.