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  1. Recently, I have noticed that there is a lot more cussing on the forum. I just wanted to know if this is actually allowed or if it's frowned upon because we do have a lot of significantly younger members? :smile:
  2. it's not allowed, we edit it when we see it or when people report it.

    As per our rules:
    Strong profanity and cursing are prohibited.
  3. ....never mind.....:P
  4. it's alot. . . we edit everyday
  5. I was wondering myself...I've seen the F word posted in various places but didn't report it.
  6. Oh n---ooo------ooo:faint::faint::faint: I think it's OK to spell with ** in the cuss words though?
  7. yeah, we all do that, LOL!
  8. Well actually I saw the FULL word spelled out. I was surprised to see it unedited. It has probably been edited by now...
  9. ^^ Wow! :wtf:

    Thanks Swanky! :cutesy:
  10. Report it!!! If its not automatically it!! Its a HUGE forum, so let us know.
  11. Vlad just needs to set the auto-censor to insert **** when people try to type certain words. Funny thing is that shyte (spelled the usual way) does get censored, but faruck (spelled the usual way) doesn't get edited. I was joking the other day that I found it interesting that it's OK to faruck on tPF but you can't shyte...

  12. Just an observation on younger people: they know curse words I've never HEARD before and I'm 54! :wtf:
  13. ^^^^LOL They know more words than I do, too!!
  14. they may know the words, but we actually have 12 yr olds here and sponsors. . .

    Vlad did *** certain words, he seemed to have forgotten one important one :biggrin:
  15. Maybe it's his favorite? Along with Sofa King Banned. I had to have someone explain that to me! lol