Curves Gym

  1. Hello everyone!

    Just wondering if any ladies on this forum is a member at CURVES gym? If so, how do u like it? Anything bad about it?

    Also, about how much is membership there monthly?

    I think I figured out 1 of the reasons why I have been dreading to go the gym all of these years...and it's bc I don't feel comfortable at the gym bc I feel like people ( MEN) are always checking me out or judging me.

    So, hopefully if I hear good things about Curves, I will definitely consider joining Curves instead!

    ( Anyone in Orange County go to the ones in Huntington beach by any chance? :p)
  2. I went a couple time to Curves and found I wasn't challenged enough.

    I really think it depends what fitness level your at because the machines at the place I went to were all set at one resistance level. I'm not sure if it's still like that but that's how it was a few years ago.

    But my one girlfriend joined last month and she is loving it and seeing results. And she's met some other women there that all go at the same time and it's motivating her to go all the time.

    Last year I joined LifeTime Fitness and cancelled after about 6 months and just started building my own home gym.

    I know in my area they have a gym for just women that is located in a strip mall ~ not sure if they would have that in your area?

    I suggest go for a free trial and see if it's what your looking for in a gym.
  3. A year or so ago our company gave us free 2 week passes to the Curves in Santa Ana off of Lyon and Edinger.
    I tried it out and enjoyed it.
    The atmosphere was very friendly and during my trial membership I got to know some of the other women as well as the gal who oversaw the gym.
    They had really cute promo's and events going on and there is some real female bonding going on.
    Their gym hours are limited-
    I prefer the flexible hours, mixing up my workouts, and working out with my DH, so I stuck with our Bally's and 24 hour memberships.
    I had a positive experience at Curves, though.
  4. My Aunt goes to the one on Adams and the one in Fountain Valley...........I'm pretty sure.
    She really likes it, but again they have limited hours.
  5. i only went to a Curves once because my friend used to manage honestly was not for cateres more to the 40+ crowd and its mostly only for beginers....i go to Gold's which i love!! - i honestly could less about the other members (guys and what not) as i dont pay any attention to them!
  6. I did not like curves--- the routine was BORING after a few times... and you can't change the weight amounts for lifting...

    Also-- their "time limit" at each station is VERY BAD for your muscles.

    My Gold's has a "Lady Golds" upstairs. :yes:
  7. Whew, depending on the responses I got so far, I don't know if Curves will be for me.

    I don't think theres a Golds Gym where I am living though.
  8. I've been going to Curves for a year now. I hated exercise prior to going and now I love it! It has toned my arms, belly, legs, and I've lost 40 lbs. That was combined with changing my diet as well. I think that it does its job of keeping you in shape and toned. I don't know that it does alot of "muscle-building". It does burn calories, provides aerobic activity, and it's a great atmosphere. I love the ladies at the gym. They're not all over 40 but yes, lots of them are. Good luck finding the best gym for you!

  9. It's just a personal thing then. I really get self conscious when at the gym. I've gotten hit on more than a few times and my purpose in going to work out is to work out!! Not have men look at me and try to "get to know me". :cursing: One time I even had a guy leave the same time I was leaving. He caught up with me in the parking garage and tried to get his game on.

    I still go to the gym often but that's the only thing I hate about it.

  10. Thank you Zoo mom! I will definitely still give it a try. I know for sure an all -women center might be the thing for me..
  11. I joined quite a few years back and cancelled after my first time there. I wasn't comfortable with so many older people there.
  12. There's a Gold's Gym on Adams off of Magnolia next to Petco in HB.:yes:
  13. awesome! Thanks for the heads up! I've only been liiving in the area for not so long! :p

    So theres a womens area there?
  14. I'm not sure. :confused1:
    I just know the gym is there because I see it when I go to Petco or Ace Hardware or Zoobies across the street.:p
  15. lol! Aw, I think I will just call n ask. If no womens area then there is no purpose for me to go to Golds. :push: I'm with LA Fitness right now and I'm planning to join 24 hours fitt as soon as the one at Bella Terra opens.