Curved vs. Straight Nose - what to ask for, and what's the difference?

Apr 22, 2008
I noticed in many posts that people talk about asking their surgeon for a curved vs. straight nose profile.

I tried Googling images of what this means, but I'm actually not completely sure what each one means!

-----What will you ask for / what did you ask for --- curved vs straight ---- for your nose?

-----Does anyone have any good examples of each?

-----Which one tends to look more natural?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this. :smile:


Aug 27, 2014
United States
Well from my understanding, I think a curved nose (nosetip curves upwards) is "ideal" for women and a straight nose for men? I found this picture on google images that explains it better:

I'm actually leaning towards a straighter nose than a curved one, but I probably won't know until a face-to-face consultation. Honestly, it really doesn't matter as long as it looks good/natural on me, fits my face, etc...

A lot of the clinics with websites that offer rhinoplasty usually have a section where they talk about their "ideal" nose so it might go more into depth about the curve vs straight nose if you take a look!
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Jun 10, 2014
Curved vs straight is a matter of differences in aesthetics and philosophy.

For females, a lot of people think curved noses are more feminine, youthful and 'pretty', vs straight noses which are more sophisticated, 'fierce', classic beauty.

I've spoken to several clinics about this. Some clinics say overly-upturned noses are trendy, and may go out of fashion (?!?!? At the though of facial features going out of fashion). Cultural differences also play a part, apparently. I was told that Asians tend to ask for upturned, curved noses vs Caucasians, who prefer straight noses. There's a school of thought that says visible nostrils makes one look younger (I dunno if I agree).

I think most clinics have a strong view one way or another over curved vs straight being generally preferred. I personally don't think there's a one-size-fits-all when it comes to noses, it depends on what look you prefer and fits your face better.


Jul 11, 2014
Do you know what clinics tend to prefer/recommend curved noses?
I know that this clinic usually recommends straight noses for women, but it really comes down to the face as a whole. Some curved noses look great on women. I definitely prefer plastic surgeons that are more 'artistic' and make sure it all looks good together.


Apr 10, 2014
I think TOPCLASS's website demonstrates very well the three types of noses popular among Korean girls:
the first model is straight nose (like Han Ga-in's), the second is slightly curved, the third is very curved (and very fake)...