Curved hair straightener?

  1. Does anyone have one of these? Does it work well for curling hair?

    I don't understand how to do curls with a regular straightener. Does the curved one work like a curling iron where you just clamp the ends and roll the hair around it? Or do you have to do that weird wrist flick thing at the root (which I am NOT capable of)?

    TIA!!! :heart:
  2. you can do curls wiht a regular straightener if it isn't more than 1" thick. Otherwise it is too hard.
  3. I love my GHD! Do a search and you can find before and after pictures that people have posted here.
  4. My flat iron is 1" thick, but it's very rectangular. I like it for straightening and flipping. I just can't for the life of me get it to make curls.

    I'm interested in one of the ones that has curved edges if it can do the curls like a normal iron. I only know how to do the curls where you put the ends in the iron and roll it up or around. KWIM? When I was shown how to curl with a flat iron, the girl did it at the root. I have NO clue how she did it. :confused1:
  5. I also just use my regular bed head flat iron for curling at the bottom. It's an inch thick and works really well for just smoothing the ends under at the bottom or even flipping out a bit. I haven't tried one of the curved straighteners before but I think a normal straightener will do the trick!
  6. there are many tutorials on youtube. search for "curl with flat iron."
    here's an example:
    hope that helps. i love this method and have dumped my traditional curling iron a long time ago.
  7. I think the trick (which I just discovered from doing without) is to use a curl spray like ones offered by GHD or Tresemme. I could not for the life of me get a curl to hold until I used one of these sprays. I have a FHI iron and it works just as well as GHD imo as long as you use the sprays.