Curse you NM!

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  1. Another shoe shipment, another dustbag missing, another Customer Service call to get the freakin' dustbag.

  2. i have quite a few pairs missing dustbags, but i don't care. unless you store all shoes in dustbags, why not use another pairs' dustbag when necessary.
  3. I've gotten shipments with missing dustbags. I don't care either b/c I store my shoes in their boxes. So it's more important for me to have intact boxes.

    I went to Saks yesterday and bought CL shoes and they didn't include the dustbag! Grrrrr! I though that only happened with on line orders!
  4. This happens to me all the time when I order something from them. Until one day I ordered some DG shoes and they sent them to a completely different address. Only then, I learned my lesson and never ordered anything from that %$#$U& store.
  5. I always store mine in the dustbags. :smile:
  6. I like to have the dustbags for travel. I feel better taking along my shoes if they are neatly tucked into their sleeping bags!
  7. ^ it looks better too than just having them in a plastic bag!
  8. I'm totally the opposite. When travelling I like to put my shoes in plastic bag so that the dust from the sole of the shoes don't spread out onto my clothes.
  9. I store mine in the bags and I also travel with them. I have several dustbags just for that purpose. I even put my slippers in them because I don't want shoe bottoms rubbing up next to things. Plastic bags are a good idea too.
  10. I always use the dust bags for travelling. Plus if you ever want to sell a pair of shoes, having the dust bag(s) increases the price.

    Some of my Jimmy Choos, Miu Mius and Fendis came with two dust bags.
  11. Me too!
    I dont blame you for being pissed off... I would be too. Your paying for them, you should get them! its not like the shoes are cheap & you dont care...they are expensive & you should get everything that comes with them! :cursing: