Curse you Mandy!

Mar 28, 2007
I am the most indecisive person ever... I went to the Boutique with my PCE last week for the Legacy Shoulder Tote... none to be had, so I ordered the Legacy Satchel in Natural... but since it arrived I decided I don't like it (I'm a shoulder bag girl). So I impulsively bought a Black Leather Mandy off of ebay for less than the satchel cost me... I figured I'll return the Satchel, keep the Mandy & I'll be good....right?! WRONG!!! I LOVE the Mandy so much after one day I'm thinking about EXCHANGING the Satchel for a Natural Mandy... Would two Mandy's be excessive?!

Plus before I knew I'd be getting PCE I bought the Denim Stripe Tote - which I love but I'm thinking I love the Legacy leather much more!!! Should I hang on to it or sell it on Ebay...

Damn I'm more confused now than I was before I started this thread!


Miss you boy!
Jun 6, 2007
I feel your pain. I purchased the Legacy Shoulder Zip today because I decided the Ali I have is too big and I really don't like it. I think I am going to sell it. The primary reason is I know I wont use it, (its too big, for me). Now, as for the Mandy's; if you find a bag you can never have too many. I plan on getting another color in the one I bought today.

So, for what it is worth....sell the ones you don't like and collect the ones you love; as many color combinations as you want.
Mar 28, 2007
Not the best picture... getting ready for bed... but here's my new love!


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
Oooooh, she looks good in black!! I found a black one at the outlet but had to return it because some of the stitching was torn. I should have kept it and sent it for repair. I have my white one now and just ordered a Pond Satchel - I was concerned it was too similar to the Mandy but it'll probably be good to have both of them.


Mar 29, 2007
Two Mandy's wouldn't be excessive, especially if you can stil get it through PCE--the savings are substantial with that bag!

I think it's best to get the bag you really love in a few colors if that's what works! I've seen several ladies with three and four carlys and I have the ali in whiskey and black--I just love that style!

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Mar 28, 2007
I'm convincing myself - I'll have the $523.50 from the Satchel return, I have an outlet wristlet that I want to return, that's about an $80 credit & I think I'm returning the Nailhead bangle I got... it was a much brighter pink than I expected - that's $51 - So I'll have more than enough for the Mandy!!

Funny thing was usually everyone at work oohs & aahs over my bags but not this one... With the exception my boss who has VERY expensive taste. Who better to impress than the boss though right!!
Mar 28, 2007
I did it... I just returned my Legacy Satchel & the Legacy Stripe Fold Over wristlet that I got at the outlet this week & ordered the Mandy in Natural. I'm now officially on BAN (well... until the July 4th outlet sale - since I"ll be in Orlando that week & close to TWO outlets!!!)


Dec 4, 2006
It's so nice when you find a bag that works for you. If something works for you there is nothing wrong with having two or more of them in your collection. I have two Ali's and love them both. I have at least five ergos from 2002 and 2007. Congrats on your new Mandy!
Please post pictures when you receive it.


Apr 25, 2006
Would two Mandy's be excessive?!


Oh, were serious...nevermind.

(But seriously, I'm so happy to see you ordered the natural! I have two Mandys and I absolutely adore them both. They're my favourite bags. One's black signature and the other is charcoal suede that I found at the outlet. Totally worth the money. I paid full price for the black sig one and I've never regretted it.)