Curse of the Treninos!

  1. So I remember everyone got all excited and ran out and bought the treninos from Loehmanns when they showed up in stores, but then I noticed that a lot of those treninos found their way on eBay or being returned.

    Now I was going to keep mine, and so I let the 14 day return period lapse. Then I realized hmm.. I kinda really dont want it anymore, and now it's like IMPOSSIBLE for me to get rid of it! And I was thinking "hmm, eBay?" but none of them are selling! I tried LJ, nothing! So I'm like "Am I gonna be stuck with this thing? Is this like my Toki Albatross??" :crybaby:

    I've been trying to at least find a trade for it with no luck, I'm trying to get what i paid for it but it seems i'm gonna have to bite the bullet and go lower. What do you guys think I should do? Wait it out and see what happens or just sell it for whatever I can get for it? (or you evil evil ones will tell me to KEEP IT! :roflmfao:)
  2. can you get Store Credit from Loehmann's? that way, at least you can buy stuff in the future? u reallllly don't want to use it??? treninos are hit or miss on eBay-- probably cuz they are $$$. maybe do a BuyItNow for the price you got it and also start the bidding low? there's gotta be someone out there who wants one and doesn't live near Loehmann's! Personally, i think treninos come in super handy. i got my foresta trenino during that time and LOVE it!
  3. tokidokicouture, what print is your Trenino?
  4. If you don't want it I think you should sell it for what you can get for it b/c there were so many of them out there that everyone was buying them like crazy.
  5. yah I think the only reason they don't sell so well on eBay is because the prices are SO HIGH. I bought mine off ebay but it was at a more reasonable price than what I've seen lately.
  6. How Long Has It Been Since You Bought It?

    I'm Sure You Can Still Exchange Item Or Get Credit If It Hasnt' Be That. With Retail, They Say A Certain Thing When It Comes To Return/exchange Policy, But They Always Make Exception. Just Have To Speak To The Right Manager/supervisor. Like They Always Say "customers Are Always Right". You Can Always Use The "i Bought It As A Gift For Someone And They Already Have It" I'm Sure They Will Be More Then Happy To Give You Store Credit.

    I've Done It A Time Or Two!:graucho:
  7. What print is it :graucho:
  8. It's a Citta Rosa... Hmm, I'm thinking about just bringing it back for store credit. Hopefully maybe they'll have something better there that I'll like. Otherwise I'd rather have cash. I know I have the receipt around I dont even know when I bought it. Maybe May?
  9. Oooh May? They would have to have a very generous return policy to allow a return/exchange from 3 months ago. But maybe you'll get lucky. Otherwise, you may have to bite the bullet and take a loss, or else wait it out maybe until closer to Xmas when people are buying gifts.
  10. I'm pretty sure you can get your money back w/in 14 days and 30 days for exchange so if you bought it in May you might not be able to do anything :sad:

    I'm in the same boat though my BF bought a pirata cucciolo before he realized they made the trenino and now he sooo wants the trenino but I can't get rid of the cucciolo. He bought it for full price at the las vegas lesportsac so we can't exchange it :cursing:
  11. lol i think they were just excited to find the older prints for cheap.. i don't really have any interest in a trenino.. in fact, the size of my bags is getting smaller and smaller (currently using the bambino!)
  12. I think you're right!! We were all excited for the bargain! I'd :heart: to get a trenino but even at $200 it's too much for me right now :sad:.

    I have bad news. I just checked out a Lohemann's receipt and no returns/exchanges after 30 days. :push:
  13. Do you still have the tags on it? I'd be surprised if they didn't take it back as long as you had tags (but they'd probably give you store credit).
  14. yes i still have all the tags on it - both the loehmanns & the lesportsac ones. too bad i couldnt bring it back to a lesportsac for credit!!
  15. well what if you said you got it as a gift? Then tell them that you'd like to get something else? Maybe then they'd honor a store credit regardless of when it was purchased?

    Or call anonymously and say you received a gift and it's from their store. Tags are there, but no receipt. See what they say?