Curse of the Office Job...

  1. I started work a few months ago at an office, so I'm sitting on my butt all day. There are snacks EVERYWHERE. cookies on this desk, chocolates on that one. I can't escape the goodies lying all over the office. My secretary told me that "everyone gains 10 pounds when they start working here". ACKKKK!!! :nuts:

    That being said, I'm glad I have all you TPF'ers here to share health and fitness stories with. It helps to keep me motivated! I have resolved NOT to fall into my office's 10 pound trap!
  2. I see that everywhere but I stick to eating fruit and drinking water flavored with lemon..and taking the stairs!
  3. I'm in the same boat - office job with lots of junk food around all the time. I try to park my car far away to at least get a little exercise and keep healthy snacks around so you're not tempted to snack on the junk if you get hungry. Sometimes, I even get up and take a lap around the building, just the strech my legs.
  4. I work for a food manufacturing company, we have free cookies everywhere. I am in the same boat as you
  5. I know how you feel. I used to work in an office where they had tons of vending machines everywhere. Go on a vending machine ban. That should help a lot! Good luck!
  6. I think the curse of the office job is staring at your monitor all day (eyestrain) and sitting on your butt (back pain.)

    To combat this, I drink massive amounts of water so to stay hydrated and every now and then I HAVE to get up to go to the ladies!

    I only snack if I skip breakfast or lunch (or if I'm really bored).
  7. I work in an office. I don't keep snacks at work. I usually eat breakfast at home, bring a snack for brunch (something like a granola bar or BP&J sandwich, then have lunch. As soon as I get home, I work out. I usually drink water all day long to prevent myself from wanting to snack while at work.
  8. wow that is bad! Just try to take healthy meals, and avoid the junk food.
  9. i work in the same type of office, sees candy, home made cakes and such my boss always brings in. I just make sure on my 15 min breaks to take a walk and after I finish lunch I always take a short walk and drink tons of water.

  10. :nuts: free cookies...who wouldn't gain weight?!

    i work in an office once a week, and although i do eat and drink (tea) i don't ge t to sit on my butt 24/7


    but sometimes i have to fetch his laptop or cell phone from the benz. or i have to mail something ( 3 longggggggg blocks away) or fetch him breakfast/lunch from nearby starbucks and restaurants.

    retail jobs are even worse! when you have breaks at odd times...messes up your eating habits/metabolism.
  11. before I moved I worked for a firm that baked the best cookies EVERY DAY! You could smell them down the hall. You'd walk through the kitchen and they would call your name. I tried so hard to resist them but gave in quite often. They also put chocolate in all the conference rooms and at the front counter so that was no help either. And if all the good pieces of chocolate were gone I could always go into the bag in the cabinet and get more. I loved working there but I'm glad I don't have to deal with that anymore!
  12. Ohh I can understand this all too well.

    My first job as a 15 yr old was at Donut King, where I could take home a bag of leftover donuts at the end of every shift...

    I also worked in an office where there was a well-stocked biscuit jar...

    It is hard to resist; maybe you could try sugary snacks one day and then one without and alternate between the two.

    Another thing to try is taking one chromium tablet with food at lunchtime.
    They help to control blood sugar levels and can eliminate the need for a 4 o'clock sugar fix.
  13. Same here, but after losing 15 lbs (and counting) I have learned to just say no to all the temptations in the breakroom. Now my co-workers have started to bring the food to me. I smile politely, say thank you as soon as they leave my desk - in the trash it goes.
  14. just say no!
  15. I too work in an office, sit on the phone and work the computer...No chance to breathe and there is tons of stress. Lots of junk food around and it's quick and effortless to eat. I've been fighting the urge also. It's tough, but I've been trying to drink lots of water and not munch, even when the stress level gets out of control. I'm commited to losing what I've gained and I do it one day at a time...some days are good, some days are not! One reason I love coming here to visit! Lots of people who love bags and we have at least that in common, among other things! Like...LV, Gucci, Bbags...oh the list goes on...