Curry Belly Bag at Saks for $734!!!

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  1. Hi guys , I have a curry belly bag on hold for me with an SA at Saks. It was originally $2100 and now is 734 with additional discounts. I really wanted to get the bag but I dont think I can pull off the curry color. I was hoping it was a bit darker. Let me know if you are interested. The price is so yummy!!

    Here is a picture the SA sent me. It is so pretty:smile:

  2. Hi Sona just PM you.Thank You!
  3. Got the Belly bag.Thank you very much Sona!
  4. congrats yee!!
  5. this bag is at Saks, Denver too if anyone else is looking for it!

    (tell the SA it's the bag on the mannequin)
  6. MUST RESIST!! I need strength!!!
  7. Yee, Did you get the bag yet? I am so curious.. Can you post pictures to give us some eye candy? Hehehe ..
  8. Sona,Not yet still wailting for my bag
  9. Love the style .... I think the color would go with a lot...Congrats!!!
  10. Aww it's so gorgeous..and the price is great!
  11. Dark color (black, dark brown)bags are usually not for sales. You can only get very good deal for lighter color (or seasonal colors), so you must decide if you are willing to pay higher price for darker colors or if you are willing to get the same bag at a much lower price but at a lighter color. I suggest you get this bag because this is not an ICON bag style. This is a seasonal model, they don't have this model this season and may not have it again in the future. So if you like the style of the bag, just get it.