Currently what's your favorite store(s)

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  1. Where do you absolutely love to shop?
  2. a little local boutique. i get amazing service and they have lots of designers and are always on top of the trends, but also have a nice mix of classics and basics.
  3. Neiman Marcus
    little boutiques
    ... and the list goes on ...
  4. Right now I'm obsessed with anthropologie, specifically their dresses!
  5. I have to agree. I might as well just send my paycheck to Anthropologie every month. I can't get enough.:yahoo:
  6. Neiman Marcus, Bloomie's & Saks
  7. HaHa! Same with me!! But it's not their dresses, it's their tunics!!! I love them!! next up is the Binoculars tunic. So pretty!! Even their dishes, have you seen the butterfly and flower plates?? I think they are gorgeous!:heart:
  8. Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bleecker St.)
    Saks Fifth Avenue
  9. Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sak's
  10. ^^^
    same here. In fact, you stated everything I wanted to say.
    I always change my mind but at this point my favotites are:

    Volk (Manhattan Beach)
    Gilla (Del Mar/San Diego)
    Kitson (LA, was better before)\
    Tobi Blatt (Del Mar/San Diego)
    Matti D. (Del Mar)

    and manyothers
  11. H&M and C&A...They're the only stores I've found so far that have a trendy plus-sized department that I can afford! :biggrin:
  12. Neimans
  13. Banana Republic when I'm in Houston.
  14. Right now it will have to be Victoria Secret online. I just bought this shirt and this dress. I am just waiting for my package to arrive and hopefully it will look good when I try it on. I hate sending stuff back. I also like aeropostle for their polos with the little butterflies, tj maxx for the discount designer stuff, and the gap for great basics. I would love to shop more at the mall but lately I don't have time so these are usually on my way to work or wallet, I'm sure, does not like me at times...:crybaby:
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