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  1. I'm currently lusting this blue python Gucci...drool!! I'm holding out for purchase until later in the year in hopes that it will go on sale. So many python products end up on sale and it would kill me to pay retail.

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  2. It is a beautiful color! I saw someone else post this bag and now I keep thinking about it.
    Gucci Duilio brogue leather Bag....I love the shape and style..Maybe this one will go on sale soon, too!
  3. I love it! There's also a green version which is stunning!
  4. Python won't usually go on sale at Gucci, and def not this highly publicised re-working of the 'classic icon'. Maybe stalk one at a dept store or similar for a discount though.

    I can certainly vouch for Gucci's python and this blue is truly gorgeous :tender:
  5. I haven't seen a green but the grey (Fango) is equally gorgeous.

    This bag (in fact the whole Duilio line) is magnificent, I was equally knocked-out by the Duilio reveal recently :yes:
  6. I saw the gray on line and it is stunning as well. I agree the whole line is beautiful. I was on and saw this purse that I liked ( but then noticed the numbers on the straps. I thought that was sort of weird.?!
  7. I have seen the green on a different bag this season is a hand-stained luscious forest green, I should imagine that the Duilio is beyond temptation in that colour.

    The Nice has just gone up on tonight. The whole resort collection is about Alice in (Flora) Wonderland. It's a youthful and springtime fresh collection, expect to see lots of Flora print too in the near future. (If you check out the colours of the collection they will correspond to the print of the original Flora scarf :love:).

    I know that doesn't quite explain the numbers on the handles but at least it will help keep the adjustable balanced if someone forgets which number hole the buckled on one side when doing the other :biggrin:
  8. I really do like the Nice collections but I know I would not be able to get past the numbers on that bag! I saw this as new on the site as well and it is adorable! The disco bags are adorable as well....
  9. It is stunning ... I do not see much python go on sale but here is hoping
  10. Oh my goodness! :nuts: This python bag is magnificent. I haven't seen many Gucci python handbags on sale so I would get this one as soon as possible if I were you. :smile:
  11. It is beautiful, I share your desire!
  12. Going to cross my fingers and hope it gets reduced. I've actually gotten lucky on two occasions and was able to buy two python bags on sale and I said a ton of money. There's usually a sale in November/December I think, let's see...a girl can dream. Ahhhh wish I could get two! This bag is so me...great color, huge and a head turner.