Currently looking for Playground Print

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  1. Hi All,

    I am currently looking for a big tokidoki sized bag with the tan playground print... any ideas where I can find one? I checked on ebay all they have all the smaller size ones... I love the print with all the girls.. thanks in advance!
  2. there was one on LJ but it had a cut in it... other than that I don't think many of us on here have run across playground print bags lately aside from eBay :sad: sorry. If anyone finds anything tho I'm sure you'll hear about it since the ladies on TPF are really good about relaying info. A while back apparently there were sightings at an LA airport store but that was a few months ago and I don't think we ever got an update on it :sweatdrop:
  3. Yeah, tan Playground is something that's a bit hard to come by... I think that print is so cute with all the bluebirds!!
  4. Oh, I was at LA Edge in LAX yesterday, and there wasn't nada there. (It's in Terminal 4 where American Airlines is.)

    OT: By the way, Maya, I think I saw your Denim Carly on display today at Macy's Ala Moana. It's cute!
  5. I love it sooooooooooo much!! I want the large one!! And because it's denim, it'll be timeless and wearable with all of my casual clothes!

    *looks at tokidoki bags* But I still love you too! :P
  6. do all macy*s have the same display or what? i've seen a couple of macy*s with the denim carly on display.. i really like that carly as well :]!!

    back to the topic! ..i like this print too but haven't seen much of it.. i hope you find what you're looking for somehow though! :/!!
  7. I would assume that the displays would be the same across the board at Macy's... That's how it is at Banana Republic and Coach and Payless, etc. I forgot what the term was when I worked at Payless for 3 1/2 years, but I was in charge of changing all the displays when the new display sheet arrived. It tells you exactly what to put and where... Man, I'm gonna pull out my hair trying to think of what the term is! *lol* My brother did the same thing when he worked at Coach.
  8. hmmm is it visual merchandiser??? :graucho:
  9. krziekatie: many of us are dying for a Tan Playground something and :smash: ourselves for not getting one when we could! (myself included)
    If you're willing to pay through the nose though, there's this Japanese site that still has some.
    Big bags: Andiamo, Scuola and Luna
    Medium bags: Bella Bella
    Small bags: Bambino, Dolce, and the coveted Mamma! :nuts:

    [[warning! going off topic ahead!]]

    maya: is this the Carly that you want?
    (please excuse me, i'm pretty new to Coach :amuse:)
    what do you think of the new patchwork denim?
    i think it's to :drool: for!
  10. ooooooh my the pg dolce is to :death: for it has lattes!!!!! but not for the price ..:Push:
  11. The tan playground MMs look absolutely gorgeous in that site. :drool::drool::drool: But at that price :Push:....sigh! I must be really, really :nuts::nuts: to go for it.
  12. Definitely NOT true when it comes to Macy's in my area!!

    At one Macy's they dont' really "display" the tokidokis at all, thye just have them hanging on hooks against the wall. At the other they have a table with the bags set up on it.
  13. Do they ship to the USA? I can't read japanese and it doesn't translate all of it...
  14. OMG!! lol ok first of all everything I was interested in on that japanese site .. when I clicked on it .. it was sold out. Then finally when I clicked on the Andiamo .. they had some available but .. WOAHHHH. It came out to over $300!! My goodness!! I am still in shock.

    hehe and the translation ... i love how when things are translated from japanese or chinese to english how weird and non-sensical it is. :roflmfao:
  15. DreamsOfToki: I don't think every single display will be the same at chain stores, but usually the main visual displays will be the same or almost the same across the board.

    vmasters: I don't remember that to be the term... There was a term for the "visual blueprint" of what the displays need to look like... I can't think of it!! *lol* Maybe I should call Payless and ask. *lol*

    eNVii_tOkii: Yes, that's the one! I loooove the large denim Carly! Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the patchwork one... One of the reason why I love my Coach bags so much is that they're clean-cut lines and very simple and solid. The patchwork ones have too much going on for me (that's what my tokidoki is for - hehe). I have one patchwork wristlet, but that's something I carry inside my Coach bags.