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  1. #61 Apr 24, 2009
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    Bought a caviar PTT in London boutique, price was 1210GBP as of 21 March 2009.
  2. GST In Singapore $3650
    Denim Tote SGD4180
  3. Canada as Apr.25,09
    2.55 227 calf$3450
  4. My husband bought me a Chanel Kelly at the old bond street store on April 25. 1245GBP.
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    I just bought my medium classic flap bag (black caviar) last March 25, 2009 at Vienna and I got it for 1,710 Euros. I also asked for the prices of some of the classic bags available. Prices are as follows:

    Small Classic Flap Bag (caviar): 1,630 Euros
    Medium Classic Flap Bag (caviar): 1,710 Euros
    Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (caviar): 1,870 Euros
    Small Classic Flap Bag (lambskin): 1,790 Euros
    Medium Classic Flap Bag (lambskin): 1,870 Euros
    Medallion (caviar): 1,460 Euros
    GST (caviar): 1,420 Euros
    PST (caviar): 920 Euros


    I hope this helps :smile:
  6. I forgot to mention that these prices are vat inclusive. If you are a tourist, you can get tax rebate! :biggrin: The boutique in Vienna has 13% tax so that means less 13% in the prices I mentioned above... yay! hehehe!:biggrin:
  7. Classic Flaps

    A01113: Medium
    £1550 (caviar) £1700 (lambskin)

    A01112: Large
    £1625 (caviar) £1795 (lambskin)

    A28600: X large/jumbo
    £1775 (caviar) £1920 (lambskin)


    A37586: Small £1795
    A37587: Medium £1860
    A37590: Large £2045
  8. [​IMG]
  9. As of today, these are the prices for Classics:

    Maxi - Caviar 4700, Lambskin 5090

    Jumbo - Caviar 4600, Lambskin 4970

    East West - Caviar 3300

    Mini/Baby - 3440
  10. Taiwan prices:

    GST- 79,200
    Medium Classic Flap Bag (lambskin)- 101,400
  11. here to chip in but i hope the price still valid.
    Singapore- All prices in SGD:
    WOC Classic Lambskin: 2850
    Small Caviar Flap: 3200
    Jumbo caviar flap: 4600
    227 Reissue: 5280
    226 Reissue: 4820
  12. Singapore prices for the Timeless Clutch as of today:

    $2200 for Lambskin
    $1980 for Caviar
  13. Went to Selfridges today in London and lambskin WOC is 955 pounds.
  14. update from melbourne, australia :smile: Be noted that the price is 7% GST (vat) included, if u r tourist, you'll be able to claim it back for 7%

    classic flap A01113 medium classic lamb 4050 AUD
    classic flap A35200 baby classic lamb 3160 AUD

  15. 226 would be 4400AUD
    227 (A37590) would be 4860