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  1. Hi ladies,

    Heres an updated chart, just to give the UK ladies a heads up that there will be or has been a price increase! :crybaby:

  2. Lucie, thanks again for the update :flowers:

    Feel free to add prices to this thread, but NO off topic chatter please :tender:

  3. Hi Beautylicious & juiceylucie, I just bought the Timeless Clutch in Caviar today and its cost has went up to £740. And I think the Lambskin one is £710. xoxo, M from London
  4. I shopped at London Heathrow Terminal 3 Chanel Boutique on April 1. The price of most wallets/bags went up around 10%.
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    The prices in UK had been adjusted on 1st apr..

    Large caviar - GBP1625

    classic caviar jumbo (XL) - GBP1775
  6. GST is $3300 AUD in Australia
  7. caviar jumbo is RM10350 while the maxi (i am told by SA) is about RM10500.
  8. Black Kelly bag in US

    Caviar $1925
    Lamb Skin $2125
  9. Classic Black Flap, small but not the tiny, probably about 6" long, sorry not sure about the name.. SGD3440 as of today.
  10. Germany

    Classic Black Mini Flap Lambskin 1400€
    Classic Black Medium Flap Lambskin about 1800€
    Black PTT Caviar about 1400€
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Canada:

    M/L Classic Flap: Caviar: $2750; Lambskin: $3050.

    Jumbo Softer Caviar: $3150.

    Reissue 225 Caviar: $3050.

    Reissue 226 Caviar: $3150
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    There has been another price increase in London. I called the Sloane outlet.

    Calf - 2.55
    medium - 1860
    large - 1975

    I then called the Bond Street outlet and they quoted a difference price

    Lambskin (jumbo)
    Caviar (Jumbo)
  14. Hi Everyone,

    The prices which have a white background are the prices I just updated, hope this helps! :tup:

  15. hello. my input on the HK price (figure should be very close, just sometimes i tend to forget the last few hundreds)..
    caviar (USA: medium) : $21300
    lambskin (USA: medium) : $23300
    reissue 226: $24600
    reissue 227 $26600
    PST caviar: $11200