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  1. #1 Feb 24, 2009
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    Hey Everyone,

    I've updated the chart to include Europe and USA prices, however these prices are not always 100% accurate as I go by what is stated on this forum by other members. So please, once you know the most recent price please post it on this thread for everyone to see & share!! This will save multiple threads of the same questions created and it would make life a lot more easier to find all prices in one place!!

    This will save time searching and gives us more time spending! Therefore leaving everyone like this... You ---> :graucho: or :yahoo: and our SO ---> :wtf: or... :sos: ... oh well.... :wlae:
    chanel price.jpg
  2. Current US prices of the lambskin flaps:

    Mini: $1995
    E/W: ???
    Small: ???
    Medium: $2695
    Jumbo: $2875
    Maxi: $3195 (Caviar $2895)
  3. :: updated ::

    Thank you Beautylicious!!!
    Chanel Prices Updated 24.02.09.jpg
  4. You're quick, LOL!

    US price of the caviar PTT, GST and Medallion: $2125
  5. I believe the current US retail price of the caviar PST is $1450, but I'm not entirely sure. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. :: Updated ::

    Chanel Prices Updated 24.02.09.jpg
  7. Jumbo caviar flap heathrow price £1385.

    great job girl.
  8. :: updated ::

    Chanel Prices Updated 24.02.09.jpg
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    These are the prices that i collected during my size for a 227 reissue. some might be superseded some might still be the current price.
    Currency means the country. I think the euro prices is for italy.
    currency amount
    pounds 1,830
    euro 2,150
    usd 3,095(this is the updated price. The old one is 2850)
    aud 5,290( this is updated price from AUD4680 IIRC)
    thai 105,000
    sgd 5,280 (this is an old price. But there is no sign of the new prices)
    hkd 26,000

    let me know if u are interested in the prices for Singapore. I will try to sass out for you gals.

    Thanks for the wonderful job..
  10. Thank you for putting this together! :tup:

    WOC lambskin in UK 840 pounds, USD 1695.
    WOC reissue is USD 1425.
  11. :: updated ::

  12. First of all, thank you!

    Second, this is USD
    med/large caviar flap - $2425
    jumbo caviar flap - $2650
    caviar accordian flap - $2575
  13. :: UPDATED : :

  14. This is a great thread!

    Last week's Australian prices...
    Lambskin WOC = AUD2230
    Caviar Medium Flap = AUD3800
  15. Hongkong surpique jumbo hkd19000