Current Wishlist LV

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  1. Hi i am wondering and wish to know what are you girls/guys current wishlist? which bag, wallet/purse, accessories you wish you could own now?:graucho:
  2. I want that beautiful Amarante and the mono Neverfull MM.
  3. Galliera GM and Damier Neverfull GM are on my wishlist...I am also hoping for a Graphite Speedy IF it comes out! :graucho:
  4. I am waiting for a cassis epi speedy (if it every comes out), or an epi alma (haven't decided on the color!)
  5. hmm..a few things, Galleria pm, min lin manon mm and eva clutch
  6. Trevi PM, Neo Cabby Black MM, Sunset Boulevard in Pearl, Saleya GM in Azur, Vernis Cles in many things!
  7. where to start ! Galliera Pm,Tivoli GM,Kate,........
  8. i want the roxbury drive so bad :crybaby:but i recently got the kate... and a mc wapity... and a neverfull so :ban:
    i absolutely loveloveloveeeeeeee the bag in a noisette! but i don't even think they have those around anymore??
    but pearl would be my 2nd choice :jrs:
  9. I am waiting for an epi lockit (cassis) or an epi speedy (cassis!) Not sure which bag I want but I think they are coming out in October.
  10. Mono Neverfull MM, Neo Cabby Black MM, Speedy Azur 30, Min Lin (Ebene) Speedy 30. Two of these bags I plan to buy within the next month. I just can't decide which two because I want them all now!!
  11. Manhattan GM, Neo Cabby Black Denim GM , Beauborg ~Damier
  12. Damier Ribera MM, Damier Papillon 30, and Damier Saleya MM.

    And of course Damier Graphite Speedy 30 WHEN (I'm thinkin' positive here) they come out!
  13. This changes daily....but up next for me is the Kate, Eva, Vernis Pochette, Damier Speedy 30....I'd also love the Vernis heart coin charm but can't justify it so hopefully dh will think that one up on his own. lol
  14. Well basically everything in my signature:

    White MC Eye Need You(getting it soon!)
    Galliera PM
    Tivoli PM
    Damier Alma
    Manhattan PM
    Framboise Vernis Koala Wallet
    Mini Pochette(Soon)
  15. I'm getting the shimmer Halo in peach when it comes out Sept 1st, but I also want the Mahina L in elephant gray. I'm also contemplating the gold miroir Alma and the Trevi GM.