Current Weather in Paris/London?

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  1. Hi I have checked the online weather sites, but was wondering what the temp really feels like right now in these cities.

    Would a light wool coat work? Or a leather coat? Or would be a spring jacket be more appropriate?

    Do I need gloves and a scarf?

    I am going to be walking around a lot during the day in both cities and wanted to be warm enough but not roasting.

    I am always scared of bringing the wrong outwear, but don't want to pack too much KWIM?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. you won't need gloves, but they won't hurt. i sometimes wear them on the tube/metro even when it's not cold because i occasionally get really disgusted by the idea of all the stuff i might inadvertently touch :yucky: you definitely won't need a hat, the only reason i'd wear one in the spring is as a fashion accessory.

    i'd say a leather jacket and a sweater underneath should be fine, or a light wool coat (maybe not a long one though, but i do sometimes wear a longer coat if i'm wearing a really short skirt/dress and i'm going to be running around a lot). i almost always wear a scarf, a lightweight one should be fine for this time of year.

    always carry both an umbrella and sunglasses! :lol:
  3. I agree with annanas, layers, umbrella, sunglasses are key no matter where you are! I'd also add sunblock to the list :tup:

    Have a good trip!
  4. The weather at the moment in London is very weird, last Friday we had the hottest day so far this year, then the weekend we had thick snow.

    This week its been freezing in the morning but with bright sunny days. I would bring some thick warm jumpers and some gloves, but a leather jacket would be fine rather than a thick coat, and like the others have said do not forget your umbrella
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies!

    I am going to pack a light wool coat and plenty of sweaters.
  6. I'd like to add that this Saturday it snowed again in London.
    I can never manage to dress up in the morning without ending up too cold/too warm as the day goes by.

    Never seen such crazy weather.
  7. I am in Paris. I find it rainy and a little bit chilly, like you need a jacket, probably not a coat.
  8. yesterday it HAILED in london :Push: but today i'm wearing a short dress over full length leggings, a cashmere cardigan and a peacoat (and a scarf) and i was perfectly comfortable outside.
  9. Another weather report from London:

    I wore a t-shirt and a cardigan today, and I was fine until the skies opened and rain started pouring down.
    Last night I actually had to turn on the heating again before going to sleep, it was freezing :sad:
    Thank God I'm going to Rome on Friday:P
  10. great thread. i am leaving for london on saturday...
    the mention of snow^ scared me though since it was 78F here today. lol
  11. london wasn't that cold yesterday, and i left early morning. i'm in paris now and i've been wearing leggings under shorts, and a t-shirt under a cashmere sweater and leather jacket and i've been fine, not cold at all. it's about 15ºC i think.