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  1. I'm going to buy my first twilly on Wednesday. Has anyone been to the Wall St. or Madison Ave. stores lately? Is there a bigger selection of twillies than what's available online? Is there a bigger selection at the Madison Ave. vs. the Wall St. store? (Wall St. would be easier for me b/c I work down here). I looked online and I can't believe that the few designs that are there are the only ones available. Sorry for so many questions, but if anyone can chime in ... Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately, there are just a handful of twilly designs. I looked online as well, and that is pretty much what you will see at both Madison and Wall Street. You will get a bigger selection of pocket squares if that interests you! Hope you get something you really want!
  3. Thanks, that solves my dilemna. I will just go to Wall Street -- its like right accross the street. I'll let you know what I find. I want a twilly for now b/c I think I can use it as a belt (unless I'm being delusional) and headband as well. I think I'll have more fun with it. You ladies are so sweet in here; thanks for the response.
  4. Twilly stock varies greatly from store to store. Sometimes there are just one or two sitting in a drawer (or none at all, like last October in the MS in Paris)and sometimes you'll come across a store that has a stock of thirty or more- anything is possible, just keep browsing and asking...
  5. ^^ Thanks MaiTai, you are one of my main twilly inspirations. I can go to Wall Street on Wednesday, and if I don't find anything -- Madison Ave on Thursday. If not, I can wait 'til I move and go to Bloor St (Toronto). But hopefully I will find something. I can't imagine they won't have anything I like ...
  6. Good luck P-B! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  7. I was at Wall St. a few weeks ago, and Madison last week. At that time, Madison had a slightly bigger selection but Wall St had a few things Madison didn't and vice versa so both are worth checking out.
  8. ^^ Thanks for the info! I just want something that has either tones of cream, blue, and/or grey or red and white/cream in it. I think both would be nice for spring/summer. I don't really care what the design is, because they are all quite spectacular. Maybe I will go to both anyway just to see the stock ...
  9. P-B, have fun! I can't wait to see what twilly (or twillies)
    you get. :smile:
  12. Good luck P-B. I hope you find what you want. Twillys are really fun to wear.
  13. Have fun!!!
  14. Thanks Tamarind and docride. Should be fun!