Current stock on First & Day at selected NM

  1. I've been calling NMs to look for a specific bag, haven't found it yet, but here's the latest inventory list on First & Day styles at some of the NMs--sorry if some of the colors are confusing...I'm just listing what the SAs are telling me--MODs: please move my thread if needed, I wasn't sure if this is the right place for it:

    San Francisco
    First: Green, Tan, Coffee, Black
    Day: Blue("a beautiful electric blue--prehaps FB?), coffee, black

    Troy 248-643-3300--the SA I spoke with Christina said the regular hardware's no longer being produced by BAL when I asked about 08 waitlist and style...I think she's confused?? Or maybe she meant something else?
    First: Cream, Brown
    Day: Cream, Cognac, Brown

    Austin 512-719-1200--CHARITY was very helpful!
    I was having so much fun talking to the SA I forgot to ask about the colors/styles--but she did tell me they maintain a waitlist for 08.

    Denver 303-329-2600--BETH was extremely helpful!
    First: Green, Brown(not too dark, not too light, no red tone), Black
    Day: Black, Red(Tomato??), Brown(same as above), Sandstone

    Houston 713-621-7100
    First: White
    Day: Green, Brown

    King of Prussia 610-354-0500
    First: Cream
    Day: French Blue, Brown
  2. thanks for the info.
  3. Wow! Thanks so much for all of the notes!

    :nuts: I need to stop being tempted! Do you happen to know if these bags are all RH or is there some GH involved in the mix?
  4. Thanks for the detailed inventory!! And for the enabling. :graucho:
  5. Thank you so much. I made use of the information and got myself a black first. Can't wait to receive it in the mail. Will post pics once I do. Thanks!
  6. Thks, i will be traveling to SFO in Christmas, hope to get some bbag there. Do you know whether i can get bbag @ LA and Las Vegas? Tia.
  7. thanks for posting!!