Current stock at LVR

  1. Hello girls!!!
    Does anyone got the current stock of Bbag at LVR?I have mailed them three times but they don´t mail mail me back....:cursing: :cursing:
  2. Sorry, no, but I was so desperate to find out if they had a greige city in stock that I called over to Italy this morning! No luck, unfortunately! They have not responded to my emails, either. Good luck!
  3. I have emailed them too and heard nothing!:shrugs:
  4. Me too! :sad:
  5. Don't feel bad, I have heard that they do not answer emails. (I've emailed them too, to no avail). The best thing to do is to call them direct, they'll tell you about the stock over the phone :smile:
  6. I've been at LVR in Florence yesterday. They are packet with bags in the 07 colors. I'm working now, so cannot look for the proper names right now, but: they had navy, green, "electric" blue, red and "off-white" bags, but they were all with that super-duper shiny giant golden hardware. I have to say that I don't like the hardware being textured. They look like a Versace bag from the 1980's, too opulent for me. Plus I miss the tassles! I am sorry I don't know all the stules they had, but I'm sure they had briefs and Cities. I also saw a couple of Shopping or Afternoon bags in dark colors (like Truffe or so) from I guess last season abandoned near the changing rooms. Did not fancy the colors so did not ask if they were on sale. By the way, they had also tons of Chloe Paddys and by the way they were stacked together, it might be they were on sale?
  7. Do you have to pay to find out that info? If you click on Balenciaga on the website it says info 3 Euros. That could be why they never respond to emails??
  8. OMG I never thought about that! Actually, I asked for some Balenciaga info years ago and even if I never purchased anything, from time to time I get an email with the PDF containing their Balenciaga stock, with no expenses. I think that most probably the lack in answers is due to their lack of experience with online business, they are still more a traditional boutique than an online store. Somebody should try to "purchase" the Balenciaga info and see if they answer in that case, but it would be really offensive if they really do so.

    By the way, I live in Florence so I just walked straight into the boutique and sniffed a bit around. They have a really bad attitude, but I felt very confident with my beautiful Silver City dangling on my arm!! :nuts:
  9. Thanks for the information!I have bought my Bbags at LVR before and they have send me their current stock in a couple a days!Very strange...I thought that they wan´t to sell their bags!!!