Current Stock at Luisaviaroma

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  1. Hi all,
    I understand that LVR had a sale last week for the bbags. Does any one know what stock they still currently have? Thanks... :heart:
  2. wow. this is news to me. How did you hear about their bbag sale?
  3. Some of them were 30% off... i've read about it in another forum...
  4. Can someone email me the pdf of their stock? For some reason when I email them for it, they never reply. Don't know why, I've never talked w/ them before...
  5. I was offered the BBags on sale when LVR screwed up my order of a Muse at 50% off. I thought it was a well-known thing about the holiday sales from LVR at the BBag forum (from which I was away for a while, but now I am back! :P ) I probably should have posted anyway.

    I have the BBag sales catelogue from a week ago ... I know by the time I called them on Monday some colors were gone already. But if you are still interested, PM me your email address and I will send it to you. My advice is to call them, don't bother with emails. Even with phone calls,it was tough. I got lucky the first time but then after that I could never get through the phone.

    Good luck. I got my bag today (3 days after I placed the order on the phone) so if you can get through to them and get a bag you like, it's probably worth giving it a try.
  6. It's awkward, I've bought from them 3 times but have not gotten any note on the sales but it's true it all has to go over the phone. A couple of weeks ago I emailed for an updated catalogue and received an old salescatalogue.

    ...It's a little "bohemian" but they ship really fast and the packaging is very nice so...

    (anyway better I didn't know so I was not tempted!)