Current stock at BalNY. Anyone know???

siri anne

Dec 23, 2006
All of you lovely NYCrs out there:

Is anyone familiar with what 06 stock is still available at BalNY? Specifically a Twiggy, First, or Box in Sapin? I live in Edinburgh and have called several times, but just get the machine. Guessing they are not to keen to return a call to Scotland in what must be a busy holiday time. I kind UK PFr is scouting London for me, and I have also put in calls to Bal Paris.

By they way...I am from NYC. Up until 5 years ago lived on 72nd street btwn York and River....Now Edinburgh is home.

Many thanks for any info you can provide:yes:
I hear you siri anne...I am from Australia and I'm looking for a glacier bleu First with big hardware. I plan on calling BalNY tomorrow, but I am keeping my expectations low...
Siri Ann -

I'm assuming that you've checked out the stock at Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh? It might be easier to check the stock on some of the stores in the UK that stock/sell Balenciaga - such as:
  1. Harvey Nicks - London
  2. Browns Fashion - London
  3. Selfridges - London
  4. Matches - London
  5. Cricket Designer Wear - Liverpool
I also thought that someone here on the PF mentioned that Harrods is now carrying Balenciaga. I didn't see any when last there ... but I'm on the opposite side of the 'pond' now ...

Good luck & Cheers!
Yes, I have checked all of Edinburgh, and with a bit of help from fellow Pfrs checked all authorized shops in London too.

No sapin Twiggy's in the UK

Thank you for all of your suggestions. Will keep at the phones.


Thanks to HandbagAddict4Ever have managed to get a brand new Sapin Work!

So, thank you very much to all who responded to this thread, I now have my Sapin fix!:yes:
Daphne just called me to let me know that the marine cities (regular hardware) are in! I had actually asked to be taken off the wait list and won't be getting one now (too many blue bags right now) but I'd love to see photos of someone else's.