Current Season Chloes at Saks NYC

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  1. Here is a pic my SA sent me of new Chloe purses at Saks NYC. If anyone is interested, the egc is just around the corner. Most SAs started presaling today :smile: The pic is small because of size limits but if you go to my blog and click on the actual picture, you can get it in large size :P

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  2. Thanks for posting, glad to see the Bay is still hanging around. Beautiful Paraty's also.
  3. Yup those Bay bags are quite cute :smile: The cross bodys are $1075 and the pouches are only $375 :nuts:
  4. What happened to Heloise??
  5. Thanks for sharing! OMG :nuts:, my next Chloe is going to be a Paraty in black :drool:.
  6. has anyone seen the cross body small bay in red?