Current retail pricing for bolide in chevre?

  1. Could someone please let me know what the current retail price of a 27 cm bolide in chevre mysore is at the store?

    Many thanks.
  2. My last purchase after the price increase is $4350+tax. Pre-price increase was $4200+tax.
  3. allaboutbags, thanks very much!!
  4. There was a beautiful 27 black chevre coramandel souple today at SCP. If it had been a 31 I would have been very tempted.
  5. Thanks mizzle for the heads up...but I think I'm leaning towards colors this time...:smile:
  6. about 5500 for a 31 in epsom. Chevre should be higher.

    37cm toile and leather bolide is 5250.

    I paid 5250 (not including tax) in Nov 2005 for a 31cm chevre
  7. There is a slightly larger one in the Manchester, England shop just now in this season's etoupe (? - the beige colour) and it's about £2,600. Not sure how much that translates to in $. I am not a fan of the colour but the texture of the leather is superb.