current retail price of Epi Speedy 30?

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  1. Elux doesn't have any right now but I knew someone here would know the current price! Thanks.
  2. From eluxury

    [​IMG][​IMG]Louis VuittonEpi Soft Speedy 30$890.00
  3. FYI-IF you go to search and key in epi speedy 30 you will get the black epi 30. ITS not in the regular list under Louis Vuitton. They realy need to post it under epi b/c you think its not available.Check it out.-Good Luck
  4. are you going to get an epi speedy.
  5. I recomend one-i've had mine for two months and love it!I love the way its classic and not the norm-like the monogram. It weathers well in rain and is just wonderful!