Current Retail Price for GST

  1. Hello! How much does the GST retail for these days ( pre Nov. 1st price increase )> TIA!
  2. Hi. I got mine for $1895 plus tax. hope you find one before the price increase. Good luck!
  3. thanks!!
  4. what is the current price now?
  5. $2125 before the anticipated increase in May 08
  6. WOW! I need to start saving. But there is noway I'll have that amount by next month. Maybe by July for my birthday. Thanks!
  7. My SA at Saks confirmed the price will increase to $3400! I would buy now if you can!
  8. $2,125 to $3,400 is a big difference. Do you mean $2,400?
  9. nope.. i think she means 3,400!!
  10. ^^Whoa... that's a HUGE jump!!
  11. omg! $3,400 :crybaby::crybaby:
    I don't think I'll be getting one.
    So when is the increase taking place?
  12. i can't believe such a huge price increase. i am so lucky i bought mine last year.
  13. I just put my self on a waiting list for a patent GST w/ Nordstroms and it will be out in sometime in July Fall Act 2 and I was advised it will be $2495 for patent it must be a type o for the $3000 price...
  14. So I have to waitlist for this bag?? NO!!!
    Can someone confirm the price increase?
    $2400 I work with but not $3400.